Finding Me

Moving to another city is exciting, scary as shit, and exhilarating all in one. It’s a chance to “start fresh”; be who you were destined to be (in New York I sit on the couch binging Handmaids tale, but in Colorado I am a professional skier)! When I got an opportunity to move to Aspen for a few months for work, let’s be serious I still was the girl on the couch binge watching Netflix, however I chose to take the opportunity to really shake up my health and nutrition routine. I had heard about Hum Nutrition in a few health magazines, but never really understood all the rage. Runway ready and Skinny bird? AS IF! (I mean sign me up).

I first started with their Raw Beauty Superfood powder which I instantly fell in love with. The flavors are delicious, my favorite being the mint chocolate chip infusion because, obviously. After the first few days I felt like (TMI) I was regularly going to the bathroom, my skin felt glowy, and my energy was up. I felt compelled to continue my healthy habits since I was questioning how long this would last ( I mean New Years resolutions was around the corner), so I committed to starting my day with at least one full water bottle- if not two. I initially started to do this so my skin wouldn’t feel like the Sahara desert in this altitude, but came to find that it’s benefits were instantaneous.  After a night of reckless Sephora ordering and reading all successful reviews, I decided to try Hum’s Flatter Me- a blend of digestive enzymes to aid in feeling significantly less bloated and full after meals. Even after the first two weeks of using, I really felt the positive affects of the pill, and wanted to meet the creator of Hum Nutrition and thank them for give me the courage to audition for the Victoria Secret fashion show next year.

Working for SoulCycle the past 6 years, I have always made taking classes a huge part of my fitness routine, but decided I really wanted to take it to the next level. I decided to upgrade my weights to 5 or 6 pounds and committed to turning my resistance up even when I would feel like my breakfast burrito come up. I felt sore after class, i sweating more than I did when I got my period in 8th grade social studies, and I felt like I could day the day by storm. 

During the two months away from the normalcy of home,  it dawned on me that I am never going to truly change who I am. I am still going to drink cocktails with friends and then end up at Taco Bell. But in the scheme of things, making these small adjustments to my every day routine and incorporating a few new healthy habits into my life has helped me stay on track without feeling totally out of control. I feel ownership of my body and what I am putting into it. I continue to struggle with finding the "perfect" balance, but I realized how important it is to focus on small victories, like drinking lots of water and noticing your pee is more clear, because that's all we really want any way right?   

xx Ashley

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