21st Century Economics for Women

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First rule of Finance, money is worth more today than tomorrow. Being a working women in finance and a mom in the 21st century has numerous advantages, and below are just some of the examples of how I managed my finances:

On Dream Wedding: Almost every lady has an idea of what her dream wedding might be, mines was located in Lake Como, and its always funny the high eyebrow expressions I get when I mention it, which I reply “no I’m not rich.” My then fiancé and I spent our evenings just comparative shopping on the Internet for everything. What helped the most is mimicking a wedding planners itiniery from church, to transportation, to location. The large purchase of the location I bargained the price down by $5k. And we picked Lake Como because it was $400 or less to fly into Milan and $30 to take a train into Varenna.

On Big Purchases: In Accounting a company depreciates large purchase over its useful life, meaning big items such as furnitures/car should last about 10 years. And with apps such as LetGo, OfferUp, FB Marketplace, you can find good furniture for dirt cheap. My first car too, when I first learned to drive, was used and when I sold it three years later, was sold at the exact price I bought it at.

On Being a M.O.M: Now a Mom of Multiples, buying generic, comparative shopping, and those LetGo and FB Marketplace apps have saved us tons of money. And having ToysRUs go bankrupt helped big time! Being both business students we understand how most products are manufactured in the same locations and the marketing behind brands is what drives a price. Remove branding you can save some big bucks especially with twins.

And of course On Fashion, leading a household, twins, and a career, Lily Max Jewelry has helped me look on point on interviews, work first impressions, and business meetings. I always feel up to date, fierce, and elegant.

My Go To  Lily Max pieces for my work wardrobe:

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