This Fall’s Must Have Shoe!

Hello Fall, it’s that time of the year when we begin to retire the sandals for the season, and start shopping for some cozy fall attire… And if you’re like me, then you’re ready for the best seasonal shopping time of the year…. Nothing, and I mean nothing beats oversized sweaters, plaid skirts, wool peacoats and BOOTIES! Bring on the fall foliage and bring on the FALL FASHION! So let’s dive into the shoe must have of 2018! And this year it’s time to stock up on what will soon be fall's most popular trend: western inspired boots. Enter into the wild wild-west, and spice up any outfit, both casual and formal with western inspired boots! Look for pairs with buckle details, studs and, of course, that long square toe box. Whether you’re a maximalist who is willing to go the full-nine-yards or a minimalist who prefers a subtle nod to the season’s trends, there is a shoe out there for you…

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