Time Capsule - To Be Open 2030

The start of a new decade makes you stop and think "what the hell happened the last 10 years." Did that happen to you?? I couldn’t begin to list all the good and the bad of the last decade.  A few key moments: we moved back to the Northeast, I went back to work full time, started a business (it failed), almost got divorced, got promotions, travelled, went to Europe, brought a new house, fell in love again and started Lily Max Jewelry with Jes. Obviously a super brief summary of the past 10 years but that’s what happens. You blinked and 10 years passed. Will I feel the same way 2030 like WTF? Will another 10 years just fly by in a blink of an eye? Well in case that happens I’m listing my thoughts/goals here in public for all to see and thanks to the power of the internet these words will live on forever. Call this the LM time capsule! If you had to build a “time capsule” that you will revisit in 2030 what would you put on your list?? 

  1. I hope we don’t get into any world wars
  2. Make Lily Max Jewelry a well known brand
  3. Work solely for Lily Max
  4. Take care of myself physically and mentally without feeling like Im selfish
  5. Be happier. Laugh more. Celebrate my 31st wedding anniversary 
  6. See my kids graduate from college
  7. See my kids happy
  8. Travel to Japan. Travel more.
  9. Sale my house and move to a brand new apartment
  10. Learn from everything

I would love to see someone else's list.  I can't be alone in having this feeling that life is going by too quickly I better jot stuff down....

No judgement zone!


Lily Maxxer


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