Madison Food Truck Festival

While it might seem odd that we are participating in a food truck festival it made perfect sense to us!! First of all who does not enjoy eating and shopping???!!  Food and Jewels are those things in life that bring you pleasure.  Not only is food delicious and yummy, food has the power to take you back to a special moment.  How many times have you walked in to a place and all of a sudden the smell hits you???  You are instantaneously taken back to that moment in time and all the memories come flooding back.  Jewelry has that power as well.  Jewelry has the power to take you back to that one special day when you were totally in love or that day when you felt like the world was in your hands.

Please join us on October 28th for the 1st annual Madison Food Truck Festival.  Perfect place to start your christmas shopping.  PS: Don't forget the teacher's gifts!!!

We will be so happy to see all of you there.  We'll have a few freebies and giveaways to show you we appreciate your support.  

Bring a Friend!!

Love, Lily Max