Birthday Present for My Love

A few weeks ago a Lily Max friend came to us asking for help in making a very special ring.  He was celebrating his wife’s 40th and wanted only the best for her.  He told us all the ideas he had and gave us reasons why each of them were important.  Working together we were able to come up with a design that embodied his vision. He wanted something everlasting, that spoke to their eternal love, and included a special touch that symbolized their beautiful 2 year old daughter.  We decided on a Platinum Diamond Eternity Band with Aqua stones.  Eternity band because their love is endless, Platinum because its the most valuable metal, Diamonds because its the strongest stone and Aqua because that is the birthstone of their daughter.  It took Lily Max about two weeks to make but once it was done the ring encompassed all his wishes. 

Off to Paris he whisked her. The trip was suppose to be her actual birthday present yet he wanted to do something extra special just for her.  The ring was just that.  That something special for this fabulous person that has shared her life with him for all these years.  A few days ago in Paris under the Eiffel Tower while waiting for the elevator to go up to the top he took out the ring and gave it to her. Magic!

That is not the end of the story but Ill end it there since it’s their love story to tell. Lily Max is just truly lucky that we are able to be a very small part of their his/her story....

Thank you from Lily Max 

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