Our New Normal

So last time we checked in we were in the beginning stages of the Corona Lockdown.  Fast forward 6 months and now we are in this New Normal that we are all trying to get use to.  We have lost many beautiful people along the way and for that I want to say Im sorry.  My condolences to all those who have lost a loved one.  Can't imagine how awful each day has been while there are other people out there that refuse to wear a mask.  YOU'RE ALIVE WEAR A FUCKING MASK!  Even if you don't believe that the virus is real wear a mask out of respect for the people who have passed away.

So also because of corona some of us have lost hours or lost our jobs completely.  There has been nothing easy about these last few months.  I hate that alot of industry articles out there talk to how to improve your business or SEO during these times.  Very few take a minute to pay respects or even acknowledge the difficulties we collectively are going through whatever they might be.

I want to take the time to tell you that its ok to struggle.  Its ok to feel like shit.  Its ok to stress eat and watch Netflix endlessly.  Mother nature is forcing this upon us and we all cope in different ways and they are all right.  We all need that minute to cry, laugh, scream, shut down. Its ok to send that text that says NOT NOW.  The good news is that we are still here alive (go back and read that line again) and everyday we are learning to live in this new normal.  Baby steps but we will get there. We will get to that place where we are comfortable again around places and people.  There is no going back.  There is only this new normal.  New is good! We should never be afraid of change.  Ask for help if it feels a bit overwhelming, at times... Or don't ask for help but when you’re ready share your story with your people. Diffuse oils that are calming or write a blog to get stuff off your brain.  Whatever you do to cope is good!!!  We are all still coping daily but moving forward together.  You have people that care.  Dont forget that!


xoxoxo - Lily Max