Need A Beach Vacay ASAP!

The minute March 1st hits, our brains are beyond ready for spring, then reality sets in that March is normally one of the coldest months of the year (Blah!). So what better way to ease your weather frustrations than to plan a BEACH VACATION?

1. Barcelona

Barcelona is a magical place, great mix of city vibes with breath-taking beaches, literally the best of both worlds. Mix in some amazing tapas and incredible sangria and you’re in for a treat

Water - Need A Beach Vacay ASAP!

2. South Beach Miami, Florida

South Beach is known for its beautiful beaches, glamorous nightlife, celebrity chef eateries, and amazing hotels. You can’t go wrong with a weekend getaway down Ocean Drive and Collins Ave.

Water - Need A Beach Vacay ASAP!

3. Williamstead, Curaçao

Curaçao is such a hidden gem! This Dutch Caribbean island is known for its beaches, tucked into coves and its expansive coral reefs. The island is located near more commonly known island, Aruba. Willemstad has very unique pastel-colored colonial architecture and is famously known for the floating Queen Emma Bridge

Panoramic - Need A Beach Vacay ASAP!

4. San Luis Obispo, California

Located just about halfway between LA & San Fran, SLO offers you a little bit of everything: quaint streets, delicious restaurants, unique boutiques and a few steps from the beach… and not many know but there are many central coast vineyards and wineries that produce delightful vino’s

Nature - Need A Beach Vacay ASAP!

5. The Azores Island, Portugal

Tucked in the middle of the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Portugal you will find the Azores (little secret, its only a 4 hour flight from the US). These idyllic islands are a wonderful blend of pristine beaches, natural geothermal hot springs (because they're volcanic island), lush greenery, old world traditions and much much more.  While the islands are famous for their natural landscape they are also known for their centuries old cheesemaking. Cheesemaking in the Azores date back to the 15th century.  These islands are perfect for that off the beaten path vacation you want to take

Nature - Need A Beach Vacay ASAP!


Tell us what beach you would love to go to right now!!!


xoxoxox Lily Max

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