That Rona is a Bitch

I hope whenever you read this you are doing well. I hope you’re healthy and your loved ones are all doing good.

As I write this we are in the 8th week of our Stay at Home orders from our governors. These are some weird times we are all going through. I have to admit that I LOVE being at home. I love waking up 30 minutes before I have to start working.  I love that I get to cook again for my kids. I’m working out more because i can do it at anytime. I don’t have to wear makeup or think of what outfit to wear. I feel blessed that my family has not gotten sick and we are all together at all times.

With all that said I also know that we have to at some point leave our homes and go out and live. We need to go to restaurants and shop again. We need to travel. We need to go to concerts again. We need to lay in the sand at our beautiful beaches. We need to be able to go to parks. We need to do all these things again but I guess at least here in the NY/NJ area its all still TBD.  Im glad some parts of the country are opening.  That gives me some hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I just hope that people follow the guidelines that have been put in place by scientists based on science.  Last thing we want is to go back to normal and all of the sudden we're in lockdown again and now its Christmas.  People please please have patience, follow guidelines and we will all be able to go back out again and stay out.  We want to join you!! Remember we are in this together.  We are one country made up of 50 states but ONE country.

BTW, Mother's Day is coming up.  Make sure to pick up a gift (Lily Max Jewelry of course) but if you can't just let the mom's you know that you love them.  Tell them they are doing a good job as well.  It's a little tough for all the mom's right now.

Stay safe and healthy!

Love you! xoxo


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